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Just another day in Rishikesh

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I'm sorry for the dearth of blog posts this week-- to be honest, I didn't feel like there were any good stories to report. In retrospect, though, I'm realizing that what I now consider commonplace in Rishikesh isn't all that "normal".

First off, I started an informal AcroYoga workshop at school. AcroYoga, for those who are unfamiliar with the term, is a flourishing new school of partner yoga that combines Thai massage and acrobatics. It's sweet. I took a student forum last semester at Wesleyan led by my oh-so-wonderful-roommate Miles. Miles, a former Yog Peeth student himself, actually brought Acro for the first time to the ashram last summer. I'm honored to keep up the tradition this monsoon season, bringing a way less meditative, more recreational practice to this yoga hub of the world. Anyway, the other day a bunch of us were flying and basing (AcroYoga terms for the two people involved in the practice at any given time) when we heard screaming coming from the other side of the ashram. We all dropped our flyers--oops!-- and ran to the window to see what the commotion was. Jessica, one of our fellow students was up on the roof trying to claim her laundry when a monkey jumped between her and the clothing line. Being the pistol that she is, Jessica made eye-contact with him and when he screeched at her showing his fangs, she just yelled right back. The monkey reacted poorly to her challenge, launched himself right at her and scratched her on the arm. Then, he turned and strutted in the other direction as if nothing had happened. I guess he was claiming his territory. Jessica wasn't too alarmed considering the circumstances. We, on the other hand, the spectators from the window across the courtyard, yelled and screamed for the staff to come upstairs to SAVE HER FOR CHRIST'S SAKE A CRAZY RABID MONKEY IS ATTACKING OUR FRIEND!!!

We didn't actually know if he was rabid, but the policy here is always to play it safe. So Jess had to spend the rest of the week getting shuttled to and from the hospital for rabies vaccines. Apparently the motorcycle rides there were the most eventful part (save the shocking state of the hospital bed sheets and the surprise, free vaccine they stuck her with. Turns out it was Tetnus... which she's already had...).

After the monkey excitement, things calmed down for a couple of days. We went to our regular 2-a-day classes, got our butts kicked repeatedly with ab workouts and extended Warrior poses, and occasionally were treated to more Justin Bieber during our end-of-class shavasanas. On Saturday we got to watch a really adorable Dreamworks animation about bees. I unfortunately fell asleep during most of it, which is probably why I can't remember the title. Accidental naps are pretty normal for me these days. I think I might be too relaxed...

Then, today, during anatomy class, I was napping again when I started feel the building shake. At first I thought someone was trying to wake me up from my slumber, presumably because it's incredibly rude to sleep in class especially when you are right in the center of the room. But as I opened my eyes and sat up, I realized everyone in the room was looking around confusedly. The ground was in fact shaking. Roshan kept describing the muscle groups of the shoulder as if nothing was going on, reinforcing the confusion. Were we imagining this? Was someone... just... uh... vacuuming or something? After about ten seconds someone interrupts the lecture, "Was that an earthquake?". Sure enough, near Delhi today there was a 5.7 earthquake. No major damage, but shit, we just felt the earth SHAKE!!! It was my first time feeling such a thing. I probably shouldn't be excited about this, considering earthquakes usually mean destruction and misery for a whole lot of people, but for some reason I'm having a tough time suppressing my awe. Roshan didn't seem to care. I guess this is semi-common in India.

Well, I'm going to be late for class if I continue to babble on like this about my silly daily happenings. When something real goes down, I'll be sure to report diligently. Unless it happens on one of the days I am on Internet strike, in which case the post will be delayed (I've decided to stay offline at least 3 days a week. It feels nice to be disconnected. Sorry, Mom and Dad, it's nothing personal).

Happy Father's Day, by the way.

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